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Our popular and vibrant youth café is held at the ARK every other Friday evening, from 7.30pm to 10pm, and is led by Sue and Richard Yendell. It is open to young people of secondary school age and above.  We chat, watch films, play board games and enjoy eating!  We love our cake, crisps and soft drinks.

During summer months, we use the local playing field which is great for playing outdoor games. These include football, tag rugby, man hunt and other whacky games. However, the ARK remains open as a base for refreshments and a place to relax and chat.

In the winter months we like to use the nearby village hall to play indoor  games. We love playing dodge ball, football or table games. We like to go on trips to places such as the Waie Inn to play other sports and sometimes go to the beach. We are always open to other suggestions.

When trips are organised consent forms and details are always sent out in order for us to be able to do such things.

Our aim is for the young people to have a brilliant time and enjoy themselves in safe and comfortable environment. You can find all about our plans in posts on ‘thearkyouthcafe’ on Instagram, along with any updates.

We hope to see you there!



Jesus Is The Only Way

JISTOW was formed when a group of youngsters decided to meet to explore and grow in their faith. It is run by the young people for the young people and meets every Sunday fortnight at the ARK. 

We chat, eat, talk, eat, discuss, eat and watch all things goodly and Godly.... We start at 6.30pm and finish by 9:00pm, with pizza and doughnuts for all who come.

See the calendar for Youth Café and JISTOW dates or contact us for more information.