Relay for Hope 

SendaCowRon Harle and David Bragg have been getting out on e-bikes for regular exercise this autumn and winter, complying with the lockdown rules of course and maintaining social distance when riding together. We are both getting fitter although it has not had much effect on our waistlines yet.

We decided we could use our efforts to support Relay for Hope, a current initiative for the Send a Cow charity working to provide basic life sustaining and sanitation facilities in east Africa.
 As you may know David was one of the founding farmers of Send a Cow [SAC], working directly for them for many years and receiving national recognition for his work.

So we have been riding our beautiful, but often muddy, Mid Devon lanes as the Lapford Ancient Rogues Cycling Syndicate (LARCS) since the New Year in all weathers and have been very encouraged by friends and family sponsors who have generously wanted to support the work of SAC.

Our target
1000 miles and £1000 raised
by the end of March

To find out more and/or donate please go to:


With your support we could help SAC improve the health, livelihood and resilience against diseases [like Covid-19], of even more impoverished African families across the SAC programmes.

If you would prefer to give a cash donation please put your donation in an envelope marked SAC and drop it through the ARK letterbox.                 
THANK YOU. Your support is very much appreciated, David and Ron.